About DGET

The Directorate General of Employment & Training (DGE&T) in Ministry of Labour is the apex organisation for development and coordination at National level for the programmes relating to vocational training including Women’s Vocational Training and Employment Services. Employment service is operated through a countrywide network of Employment Exchanges. Industrial Training Institutes are under the administrative and financial control of State Governments or Union Territory Administrations. DGE&T also operates Vocational Training Schemes in some of the specialised areas through field institutes under its direct control. Development of these programmes at national level, particularly in the area concerning common policies, common standards and procedures, training of instructors and trade testing is the responsibility of the DGE&T. But, day-to-day administration of employment Exchanges and Industrial Training Institutes rests with the State Governments/ Union Territories Administrations. Distribution of responsibilities between Central Govt., State Govts and Industry has been shown in the table Tasks and Responsibilities.

Major functions of the DGE&T are:

  • To frame overall policies, norms, and standards for vocational training.
  • To diversify, update and expand training facilities in terms of craftsmen and crafts instructors’ training.
  • To organise and conduct specialised training and research at the specially established training Institutes.
  • To implement, regulate and increase the scope of training of apprentices under the Apprentices Act, 1961.
  • To organise vocational training programmes for women.
  • To provide vocational guidance and employment counselling.
  • assist scheduled castes/scheduled tribes and persons with disabilities by enhancing their capabilities for wage employment and self employment.
  • To conduct regular training programmes for Employment Officers and develop staff training material for use by the Employment Service personnel.
  • To collect and disseminate information concerning employment and unemployment and prescribe uniform reporting procedures.

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